Pattaya Floating Market, a Top Attraction in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya Floating Market

Visiting a floating market is a great way to experience Thailand’s culture. But not all Thai floating markets are equal. There are normal markets – busy, noisy, and, at times, disappointing – and then there is the Pattaya Floating Market.

Also known as the Four Regions Floating Market (after Thailand’s four regions – North, Northeast, Central and South), Pattaya’s only floating market opened to the public in 2008. Since then, it has become one of the most popular attractions in Pattaya.

People getting ready for a boat ride in Pattaya Floating Market
Boat ride in Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market Details

Entrance Fee: 200 Baht ($6)

Timings: 09:00 am – 08:00 pm


451/304 Mu 12, Sukhumvit Road, Tambon Nong Prue, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chon Buri

Phone: +66 3870 6340

Why Visit Four Regions Floating Market?

Not only is the floating market in Pattaya the world’s largest man-made floating market, it is also considered as Thailand’s best floating market.

The market’s uniqueness lies in how its authenticity has been preserved over the years. It is one of the few places in Pattaya that hasn’t lost its original look and feel. You get the comforting feeling of being transported to the past here.

Four Regions Floating Market in Pattaya, Thailand

Another reason to visit this floating market is that it is quieter, less crowded, and cleaner than other floating markets in Thailand. In a way this is odd because even though it is better than Bangkok’s Danmoen Saduak Floating Market, it is not nearly as popular. But this is a good thing – we aren’t complaining.

Floating Market Pattaya is easily accessible. While driving to Bangkok’s floating markets takes an hour or longer, this floating market is only a 10-15 minute drive from central Pattaya. In fact, even if you drive from Central Bangkok, you should take about 2 hours to get here.

Waiting for our meal in the Four Seasons Floating Market
Waiting for our Thai meal with friends

Locals and experts claim that the food prepared in the Four Regions Floating Market is the real authentic Thai food. And, we agree – the food here is amazing. You can buy food that’s prepared on a boat or enjoy a Thai meal at a food stall. Don’t forget to taste Thailand’s tropical fruits here.

Thai lady preparing momos/dumplings in Pattaya Floating Market
The momos/dumplings here are absolutely delicious in Pattaya Floating Market

(Keep in mind that authentic Thai food is very spicy. We thought we could handle spicy food until we ate here! Be sure to let your cook know how much spice you can handle. Here are some useful Thai words that will help you explain yourself).

Reaching Floating Market Pattaya:

The easiest way to reach is by motorbike – the route is fairly straightforward. Use Google maps. A cab from central Pattaya should cost you about 300 Baht ($9). The cheapest way to get here is by bus.

Pattaya Four Regions Floating Market Boat Ride
Exploring the Four Regions Floating Market on boat

Things to do at Pattaya Floating Market

Apart from enjoying a delicious meal, exploring the market, and taking photographs, you can:

  • Go for a boat ride. A 30-min ride costs about 200 Baht ($6).
  • Zip line across the water. Cost: 100 Baht ($3).
  • Watch a Thai boxing fight. Thai boxers fight on a log over the water. They try to knock each other into the water.
  • View a Thai dance and cultural show.
  • Watch a live music show.
  • Shop for Thai souvenirs and gifts. Food and products from all over Thailand are sold here.

The entry to the market is through a hall that has photographs of the market, taken over the years. It’s like a mini museum with photographs, paintings, and a few interesting objects.

Souvenir Shopping at Pattaya Floating Market
Pattaya Floating Market has an interesting collection of souvenirs

Thailand and Floating Markets

‘Talat nam’ is the Thai word for a floating market.

The relationship between Thailand and floating markets is centuries old. In the past, life in Thailand used to revolve around rivers, which were used to transport goods and to travel. In fact, one of the main reasons why Ayutthaya became one of the world’s most prosperous cities was because it was surrounded by rivers.

Until the early 1900s – when construction of roads began – floating markets were crucial to Thailand’s growth. Today, Thai floating markets are mainly tourist attractions, but visiting them gives a sense of how life in Thailand would have been centuries ago.

Viewing Pattaya Floating Market on boat

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TakeMeTour did an exceptional job at showing us around the Four Regions Floating Market. If you prefer a guided tour to a floating market, booking with them is a good idea.

If you haven’t visited a floating market in Thailand so far, you must consider visiting Pattaya’s floating market. It makes a great day trip (from Pattaya and even Bangkok), and is a fun thing to do in Pattaya

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