Pattaya Walking Street: Pattaya's favourite nightlife destination & Thailand’s Most Famous Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street: Thailand’s Most Famous Walking Street

A walk down Pattaya Walking Street can be an incredible experience. The neon lights and colour, music and noise, performers and people, food and odours, and everything else about this kilometre long road will dazzle you. 

Some find it bliss, others numbing. But even if you are not into partying and prefer quiet places, you should consider visiting Thailand’s wildest walking street at least once.

Pattaya Walking Street: Timings & Getting There

The street is closed to vehicles from 7:00 pm – 3:00 am. By 8:00 pm most places are open, but there isn’t much action before 10:00 pm. Walking Street Pattaya comes alive around midnight.

The distance from Central Pattaya to Walking Street is about 1.2 miles (2 km). To get here, you can either walk along the beach or take a shared open-air tuk-tuk (songthaew) that takes rounds of the city.

Pattaya Walking Street: Pattaya nightlife
Walking Street Pattaya - the city's favourite nightlife area. Open mindedness and a good sense of humour are a prerequisite to enjoying yourself here.

Things To Do In Walking Street Pattaya

Watch a Band Perform

The live bands performing in Walking Street Pattaya are amazing. On any night there should be at least 5 bands playing. You can walk along the street, find a band you like (you’ll be able to see and hear bands play from the road), and enjoy drinks while tapping your feet or dancing to popular songs.

Sipping on a 100 Baht ($3) beer in a bar while watching a live performance is our favourite thing to do in Thailand’s Walking Streets. Performers in the area are exceptionally talented – so whichever bar you select, you’ll get to enjoy a great performance.

Band performing in a walking street bar
Band Performing in a walking street bar

Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal

The Walking Street in Pattaya has excellent food options. In addition to open air food stalls, the street also has well-established restaurants that specialise in sea food. Some of these have dining areas that look out across Pattaya Bay, making them a great place to enjoy a meal while taking a break from the hustle and bustle.

Walking Street Pattaya Recommended Restaurants:

  • Marine Sea Food: Centre of Walking Street. Inexpensive and basic restaurant serving delicious Thai food and fresh sea food.
  • King Sea Food: Opposite Soi 14, Walking Street. Great view of the bay, good food and ambiance.
  • La Notte Pub & Restaurant: 220/2-4, Walking Street. Serves delicious French and European cuisine.
  • Karma Indian Restaurant: 109/4 Moo 10, near Soi 15. One of the best Indian food restaurants in Pattaya.
  • Rasputin Restaurant Pattaya: 280/1, near the Bali Hai end of the street. Stylish and lively Russian restaurant with a good selection of dishes.
  • L’Italiano Italian Restaurant: 94/7 Moo 10, Walking Street. Extensive menu with an impressive wine selection.
Turkish Ice Cream & Fruits at Pattaya Walking Street
The famous Turkish ice cream vendor & Thai fruits at Pattaya Walking Street

You can also sample delicious street food and try exotic Thai fruits. The Turkish ice cream shop here is famous all over Pattaya.  

Experience Pattaya’s Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Pattaya Walking Street is king. The street has venues, bars, nightclubs, and go-go bars to suit every taste. You’ll see flashy neon signs advertising bars everywhere. Women holding placards, displaying the rates of beer, will invite you to their nightclubs.

Some clubs like the Moulin Rouge have scantily clad women appearing behind windows – and so, you’ll see plenty of “window shopping” in the area. In all, there are over 100 night clubs and go-go bars in Walking Street Pattaya. Here is a list of top night clubs and go-go bars on the street.

  • Keep in mind: If you visit gentlemen’s clubs and go-go bars, you’ll end up paying a lot more than the advertised rate.
Frog Bar at the Walking Street in Pattaya
Frog Bar is a popular bar in Walking Street Pattaya

Watch The World Go By (People Watching)

You’ll see hundreds of people from all over the world, trying to make sense of their surroundings. Some are seeing a walking street in Thailand for the first time and the culture shock on their faces show. (This can be quite amusing to watch). Some come to have a good time and enjoy drinks, others for the women.

Sitting in a bar with a good view of the street – such as Frog Bar – and enjoying a beer, while watching the world go by can also be a fun thing to do here.

Watch a Muay Thai Show

You’ll also get to see Muay Thai boxing shows on Pattaya Walking Street. The most popular one is about halfway down the street, opposite the entrance to Marine Plaza.

Boxers prepare for a Muay Thai match in Pattaya Walking Street
Boxers prepare for a Muay Thai match in Pattaya Walking Street

Though the matches are partly staged and not as vicious as the real thing, they are still fun to watch. You can even step in the ring to test your boxing skills and get photographed with the boxers (a tip will be expected).

Visit the Bal Hai Pier (Pattaya Pier)

On one end of the street is the Pattaya Pier – a central feature of the city. Ferries to Koh Larn Island leave from here. 

If the noise and commotion of the road gets too much for you, Pattaya Pier is a good place to take a break. The pier is pretty and quiet at night. It’s a great place to enjoy a beer in silence before you head back.

View of Pattaya Pier from Sea Zone Restaurant
View of Pattaya Pier from Sea Zone Restaurant

What Not to do in Walking Street Pattaya

As long as you behave responsibly and act reasonably, you should have lots of fun exploring the street. However, keep the following points in mind: 

Don’t go for Sex Shows

Whether you visit with your partner or alone, touts will approach you and ask if you would like to watch a sex show. They will be carrying a menu with women on it. Even if you are curious, going for a sex show is a bad idea. You will most likely be ripped off. People fall into this trap and regret it.

Don’t Display Your Money

In general, Thailand’s walking streets have a few pickpockets. Be careful whenever you pull out your wallet to make payments, and always count the change you get back. Avoid carrying valuables.

Red Pub in Walking Street Pattaya
Entrance of Red Car Pub in Walking Street Pattaya

(In 2019, when we last visited Pattaya Walking Street a decently dressed man approached us and asked us to visit his night club. We told him that we were not interested. But he continued to be friendly – even though he didn’t really seem interested in us. We took this as a warning and asked him to stay away. And, sure enough – although we were extra alert, by then he had somehow managed to unbutton the pocket my wallet was in and pull it out halfway. It could have been a sad end to an amazing holiday. Pickpockets here are very skilled so be alert).   

Don’t do Drugs

You might be approached by someone offering or selling drugs. Stay away. It could be a setup. Drugs in Thailand are illegal and the consequences of being in possession are very serious.

Don’t Forget to Stay in Your Senses

Don’t get carried away by the ambiance and festive mood of this wild nightlife area in Pattaya. We have seen people get so drunk that they do not even remember where their hotel is. This can be a disaster. Drink responsibly.

Also, the chances of getting mugged are far greater when you are drunk. So stay alert. (Our article on keeping safe in Thailand covers other points to keep in mind when visiting areas such as Thailand’s walking streets).

Don’t Disrespect Women

Please don’t disrespect the women that work in Thailand’s walking streets and other such areas. Most of them have a tough life and they have no other option than to do what they do to support their families.

Walking Street in Pattaya Bars

Hotels near Walking Street Pattaya

If you can handle the music from bars (and prefer not to find your way back to your hotel late at night), then booking accommodation in or near the walking street is a good option. You’ll need to book in advance.

Most Popular Hotel in Walking Street: W14 Pattaya 

Most Popular ‘Budget’ Hotel in Walking Street: Walking Street Guest House

Hotels in South Pattaya (Walking Distance from The Street)

The Future of Pattaya’s Walking Street

Pattaya’s infamous red-light area has come a long way since we first visited in 2009. And, the good news is that it will keep improving.

In July 2018, the Thai government decided to beautify the street to give it a more ‘family-orientated feel’. By the end of 2020, Pattaya Walking Street will get a makeover to make it more appealing to families.

Pattaya Walking Street is to Pattaya as beaches are to Thailand. It’s difficult to imagine one without picturing the other. So when in Pattaya be sure to experience the city’s nightlife by visiting the famous Walking Street in Pattaya.

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    It;s November 2020 and i watched a video about Pattaya walking street and it is sad that dark winds have swept around the world destroying the lives of people and their only means of survival. I hope that things will change but it could be sings of the times. I hope everyone can find some kind of alternative to keep them going. I don’t have all the answers but i believe that the TRUTH makes us free and LIES keep us in captivity. Good luck to everyone. Dave.

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